Whitetail Deer Videos
We've Made Throughout the Years

On this page you will find whitetail deer videos which we have made to help capture some of the happenings which occur with deer. Life on a deer farm, as well as in nature, is very cyclical.

Some of the main activities include:

    Does are bred - November through January

    Bucks drop antlers - February through March

    Bucks grow new antlers - April through August

    Fawns are born - May through August

    Bucks shed antler velvet - September

Throughout the year, we will be making videos of the activities which take place at Whitetail Deer of Texas. The videos will be added to this web page as they are created.

We hope you will enjoy the deer footage, and check back often to see new updates. Remember, you are welcome to contact us regarding deer activities.

Again, thanks for viewing...we hope you enjoy seeing a little of our whitetail deer operation!

The Miracle of New Life at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

Bucks Fighting - March 2012 at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

Bucks - July 2011 at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

Our Fawns at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

Mowing and Working Around Our Pens at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

Bucks Shedding Antlers at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

A Snowy Day at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

Learning Early to be a Steward of Deer at Whitetail Deer of Texas!

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