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As a TC1 - Transfer Category 1 deer breeding operation, Whitetail Deer of Texas is located in the northern end of the Texas Hill Country - 17 miles northwest of Gatesville.

Our scientific breeding program operates under permit number TX-2414 as issued through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The primary purpose of our operation is to help landowners improve the genetics of their deer in a high-fenced ranch setting. We have created this website to answer questions, and to assist you in achieving your goal of raising top-notch deer for your ranch.

Whitetail Deer of Texas specializes in raising bucks and does with the very best genetics. Whatever your deer needs may be, we stand ready to help!

Services which we offer include:

  • Supplying top-notch foundation stock – brood bucks or does - for scientific whitetail deer breeders.
  • Improving genetics and management practices of existing whitetail herds by supplying breeding stock.
  • Offering boarding services to those who wish to move forward with improving the quality of their deer, but need a temporary or long-term home for your herd while you high-fence and/or purchase your ranch.
  • Providing consulting and management services for new breeders and ranch owners who wish to start a whitetail breeder program.

The foundation herd of Whitetail Deer of Texas is from the renowned Paco bloodline...Paco being the first Grand Champion Buck in Texas as selected by the Texas Deer Association in 1997.

Most recently through artificial insemination (A.I.), we have elected to add to our genetic pool through semen purchases from other distinguished Texas breeders including: Robert Williams of RW Trophy Ranch, Ben Mooring of 4M Whitetails and Henry Woodard of Woodard Whitetails.

Whitetail Deer of Texas is owned and operated by husband and wife, Jim Taylor and Judy Logan. As Texas deer breeders, we love to "talk deer" and we would welcome the opportunity of having you visit our facility.  Feel free to contact us.

Contact information:

         Whitetail Deer of Texas

         2082 CR 220

         Gatesville, Texas 76528

         Judy Logan and Jim Taylor

         Telephone: (254) 865-8787

Deer For Sale
If you are looking for whitetail deer for sale to enhance the deer genetics of your ranch, we can help!
Breeder Bucks
Our breeder bucks for years past are pictured for your viewing!
Deer Photos – Bucks
Photos of bucks taken at Whitetail Deer of Texas.
Photos of Does
Photos of does taken at Whitetail Deer of Texas.
Deer Photos – Fawns
Photos of fawns taken at Whitetail Deer of Texas.
Fawns - Photos and information on working with newborn fawns
Raising Fawns in 1950
Raising fawns...over sixty-five years ago, in 1950, at the age of three, Jim raised his first fawns.
Deer Facility
Our new state-of-the-art deer facility is used to handle our deer when separating fawns, vaccinating the herd and artificially inseminating our does.
Whitetail Deer Videos Made at Whitetail Deer of Texas
Whitetail deer videos made throughout the year at Whitetail Deer of Texas.
Whitetail Deer Interns
Want to work as an intern with whitetail deer? Each year we hire pre-veterinary or wildlife biologist students who need to complete an internship as part of their college course requirements.
Buck Growth
Monitor buck growth at Whitetail Deer of Texas through photos and annual Boone and Crockett scores.
Whitetail Deer Farms
Whitetail Deer Farms - We can help you start your deer herd before you have high-fenced or even purchased your ranch!
Lease a Buck
If you lease a buck you can bring great, new genetics into your deer herd through live breeding!
Semen available for IA purposes...if you are looking for width in your deer herd, we have got what you want!
Deer FAQs . . . Frequently Asked Questions About Raising Deer
Deer FAQs – To help you learn a little about raising whitetail deer.
Whitetail Deer - Meet Those of Us at Whitetail Deer of Texas
Whitetail Deer of Texas is all about deer and family.
Whitetail Deer of Texas – Contact Us
Whitetail Deer - Send us your comments. We want to make this site as relevant to your needs as we can.
View the individual pedigrees of our bucks and does.
Deer Advertisement
Through deer advertisement, Whitetail Deer of Texas is pleased to promote our operation and support products that we have found to be beneficial to our deer business.
Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting
Interested in deer hunting! We can help you arrange the hunt of a life time - in either Central Texas or South Texas.
Facebook and You Tube Feature Whitetail Deer of Texas
Facebook and You Tube feature a lot of extra photos taken at Whitetail Deer of Texas!
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