Whitetail Deer Interns

On a seasonal basis at Whitetail Deer of Texas, we hire pre-veterinary or wildlife biology majors who need to complete an internship as part of their college course requirements.  Depending on the time of year, job responsibilities of the students vary. 

Summer internships are our primary focus and job needs include assisting with the entire herd and working with fawns – imprinting in pens with mama-raised fawns, bottle-raising select doe fawns, tagging, tattooing and vaccinating newborns.

Below are photos of interns who have worked with us in the past.  As you can see from the pictures, all sorts of ranch responsibilities were tackled by our anxious to learn, eager to work-hard interns.  Oh, how we love our helpers...our new family members!

Please click here to view the job description for our summer internship.

Intern 2016 - Hugging Does

Interns 2016 - Cleaning and Filling Feeders

Intern 2016 - Loving on a Doe

Interns 2016 - Off-loading Feed Delivery

Intern 2016 - Driving the Tractor

Interns 2016 - Heading Out with Ranch Manager to Fill Feeders

Intern 2016 - Taking Buck Photos

Interns 2016 - Drawing Newborn Fawn Meds

Intern 2016 - Fawn Love

Intern 2016 - Imprinting with Does and Fawns

Intern 2016 - Turkey Time

Interns 2016 - Fawn Kisses

Interns 2016 - Moving Cattle Down the Road in the Kubota

Interns 2015 - Town Bound

Intern 2015 - A Little Love Prior to Newborn Work-up

Interns 2015 - The Team Assisting a Doe with Fawning Difficulties

Intern 2015 - Feeding Time for Quadruplets and a Little Friend

Interns 2015 - Assisting with a Broken Antler Issue

Interns 2015 - The Bottle-Raised Nursery

Intern 2015 - Sweet, Sweet Girls

Interns 2015 - Assisting with an Abscess Issue

Interns 2015 - Moving Feed Sacks...100 Pounds at a Time!

Interns 2015 - Sharing the Love!

Interns 2015 - Making Bottles for Fifty Doe Fawns

Intern 2015 - Anxious Partakers

Interns 2015 - Performing a Necropsy (Sad, Sad Learning Experience)

Intern 2015 - Loving on One of the Quads

Interns 2015 - Tagging a Newborn Fawn

Intern 2015 - Feeding the Bucks

Interns 2014 - Working Newborn Fawn

Intern 2014 - Giving Newborn Meds to Fawn

Intern 2014 - Tagging Newborn Fawn

Intern 2014 and Jim - Bringing in Newborn Fawn to Work

Interns 2014 - Preparing to Administer Newborn Meds

Interns 2014 - Loving a Newborn Fawn

Interns 2014 and The Team - Checking Newborn Fawn

Intern 2014 - Monitoring a Sedated Doe's Heart Rate

Interns 2014 and Jim - Consulting Before Returning Sedated Doe to Pen

Intern 2013 - Picking Up Fawn for Working

Interns 2013 - Working Newborn Fawn

Intern 2013 - Loving Texas Lauren and Her New Twins

Intern 2013 - Administering Newborn Meds to Fawn

Intern 2013 - Texas Kelsey, A Fawn Loving Her Intern

Intern 2013 - Feeding Time with a Lambar Bucket

Intern 2013 - Filling Feeder

Intern 2013 - More Kisses

Intern 2013 - Fawn Getting to Play with the Water

Intern 2013 - Texas Tess Standing for a Treat

Intern 2013 - Intern With Bucks

Intern 2013 - Cleaning Golf Cart

Intern 2013 From Ohio State - Four Hours College Credit Earned

Intern 2013 - Learning to Shred the Pasture

Intern 2013 - Mowing

Intern 2013 - Trimming Low-hanging Branches

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